Wednesday, March 2, 2011

OPI 'Nail Apps' Nail Art Wraps!

OPI are dipping their toes into the increasingly popular minx-style nail wrap/nail art pool by releasing their ‘Nail Apps’, and with 12 new ‘Nail Apps’ designs (shown below) I’d say they were off to a flying start.
I have yet to try these, but from a quick look on the Lena White site they’re said to last 1-2 days ‘when applied correctly’ which doesn’t seem that long to me, but then again when I had just the one nail done at Professional Beauty last year (a different brand) I was told that it would last a ‘few’ days – it ended up lasting me a fortnight before I peeled it off myself because my nail had grown and there was a gap forming, so maybe they will last a little longer.

These cost £13.80 per pack, and I think that gets you 16 stickers – so one full manicure and a few extra... a little on the expensive side when you consider the cost of some alternatives but without comparing, I really wouldn’t like to guess if they’re worth the extra or not.

Available from: Beauty Bay and

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  1. Skulls, inferno and magic garden look really nice for the nails:)


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