Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bourjois Round Little Pots - 03, 25 and 94 Swatched!

As promised yesterday, these are the second set of swatches from my Bourjois little round pots; this time I have swatched shades (L-R):

Shade 03 – Indigo blue, brilliant when wet... a bit powdery and disappointing when dry, however I’m happy enough to use it wet and it makes a great liner when used with a precision liner brush and a bit of saline! It’s not quite as bright as the swatches with flash show it to be, which is why I took a photo with no flash used – sorry for the bad lighting, I don't think it helped much at all.

Shade 25 – A glittery silver that is quite sheer when dry, but verging on metallic when used wet – I experienced a moderate amount of fall down with this which was expected with the glitter content.

Shade 94 – This is an ivory creamy colour and another disappointing when dry shade, you can barely see it on the swatch which shows 2 swipes, the same amount as I’ve done for every swatch in this range so far. It was a different story when wet though thankfully, another shade that I’m more than happy to use wet when required.


No Flash:

I don’t mind the disappointing when dry shades in the range, so long as they’re good to use when wet as that’s how I prefer to use my baked shadows anyway and luckily every one of them has been brilliant when used wet!

I also wanted to add pictures of all the products available and the ‘groups’ that they come under within the range - see below!

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