Sunday, March 27, 2011

Slightly Speechless Sunday - Fearne Cotton!

I just love Fearne Cotton’s new hair, I first saw it on Celebrity Juice when she had it curled – and then also on Comic Relief where she wore it straight and both times it looked amazing (as did she). It’s such a perfect style to wear straight or curled which is why I’d love my hair to be like that too, but unfortunately I got layers cut in a couple of months ago so it needs to grow out a little before I could do so!


The ‘do was done by Lyndell Mansfield who explained that it was achieved by cutting her hair into a sharp bob and then ‘shattering’ the ends... which is what I’d expect you would need to tell your hairdresser should you want them to recreate the style on your own hair.

What do you think... do you love it or hate it?

Doing this post got me looking through some more of her hairstyles on Google, and I thought I’d also show just a selection (well slightly more than I thought there was) of those that I also loved in this post too...



  1. I love her hairstyle, I am really tempted to get it done myself but I'd end up keeping it straight all the time and it would bore me!

  2. My favourite there is the updo where she's got the big bun there. I love her loose curls too!

  3. Cherry - Haha I know what you mean, I always have good intentions of curling my hair, and I do try but then I give up as I'm so bad at doing it haha! x

    Lucy - I love that updo so much, I bought myself a doughnut to do hair like that (as when I'd done it before my bun looked a bit, well sorry for itself) but then my hairdresser chopped layers in and so I can't do that anymore either. x


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