Saturday, March 5, 2011

Soap & Glory Hand Break!

I bought Soap & Glory Hand Break in the 3 for 2 Boots offer last year as I thought that it looked like a lovely little gift... so lovely, in fact that I ended up keeping it for myself. It now takes pride of place on our (still unfinished) bathroom’s sink!

The set is made up of a hand wash and hand cream in a handy metal rack which looks a lot better that just having the products there individually, in my opinion anyway. I quite like having the hand cream right there for me to use as when I wash my hands I find that they can get a bit dry, so the light cream provided in this set just stops that happening. It’s not really a heavy duty cream, but it does take the dryness from washing away, which is perfect for me as I already use heavy creams morning and night.

The scent stays true to the original Soap & Glory scent; one that I absolutely love, and it lingers for a long, long time on my skin - perfect.

I think this set is well worth its £8 price tag at Harvey Nichols (it's also available at ASOS although it appears to be £1.20 more there for some reason)!

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