Wednesday, March 16, 2011

GOSH Holographic & GOSH Holographic With OPI Black Shatter!

I’m currently having my kitchen ripped out so everything is completely upside down at the moment for me, however I did find a little time on Sunday (before it all got too mental here) to play about with some GOSH Holographic.The pictures show about 4 or 5 thin-ish coats; sorry for my cuticles and nail that needs to be cut but it was just a mess around that I didn't intend on posting up lol!

I like it, but I only *love* it when I look at it with a light reflecting off it as otherwise I can’t see the holographic nature of it as much as I thought I would; I’m not sure if this is because I haven’t used the specified base coat or not... does anybody know?

This photo is an 'out-take'but when looking at it, I quite liked how it showed the colours so posted it up anyway!:

Anyway, I then tried some OPI Black Shatter over the top and whilst I loved the crackle effect as usual, I didn’t feel that the Holo came through at all in the small cracks... I was hoping it would be as noticeable as having a glitter underneath so I was quite disappointed.

I know you can see it in the cracks on the pictures but in reality it could be any polish underneath there so I’d advise not to bother with anything like this over the Holo polish!

Hope you like the pictures, sorry for the shortness of the post – I just really wanted to get something posted for you to read whilst the chaos ensues as casa Beauty Scoop!

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