Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lanolips Lip Ointment/Balm/Gloss In Rose!

My final Lanolips product that I received as one of my birthday presents is their Lip Ointment, basically a bit of a cross between a balm and a gloss in that it’s moisturising but also gives lovely colour and shine in the process. It’s got the magic ingredient, Lanolin in it along with a few other ingredients that look surprisingly unscary and actually contains sunscreen to boot.

L-R below - Apples, Rose, Dark Honey, Sunshine, Rhubarb 
I received this in ‘Rose’ (second from the left in the photo above) which you may think is weird if you have read my recent post on Lanolips Rose Balm Intense and my dislike of rose scented products; however unlike the Rose scent, the colour Rose is not something that I dislike... in fact I love it.

I especially love Lanolips Rose as it’s a beautiful dusky pink that looks very natural on the lips as it’s fairly sheer, colour wise but you can build up a little more colour if that’s what you like, but personally I keep my application quite light.

Talking of application, I was expecting a slanted top to the tube, much like my Lancome Juicy Tubes and other similar products, but this just has a normal flat tube top so I find it easier to apply with my fingers; it’s not ideal for me, but it’s not a deal breaker either.

I’ve just noticed that some of my pictures of the product on my hand (above) look a bit phallic – sorry about that haha!

Below are various swatches on my lips, close up. I've posted 3 of them because I think each one shows the shade slightly differently when in different lights/lighting conditions.

I was surprised by the consistency of this ‘lip ointment’ as it’s really very thick... sooo much thicker than I expected and frankly it needs a good squeeze to even get it out of the tube. It’s not at all sticky, it’s balmier more than anything – this is a very good thing.

Scent wise, to me it smells a little like vanilla-like and generally quite sweet, although not overpoweringly so – in fact the scent is very faint, I don’t think it would offend anybody whether they liked nor disliked scented lip products.

I now want rhubarb, apples and possibly sunshine in my make-up collection (I was told that Sunshine wasn’t as scary on the lips as it looks in the tube, on Twitter by Ms Lanolips herself, Kirsten Carriol) – I’ve heard that there’s a 3 for 2 offer on at so I might just have to take advantage of that to stock up!

Have you tried Lanolips before? What do you think if you have? If you haven’t, would this range interest you?

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