Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lush Mini Big Blue - Big Disappointment!

I’ve had many a Lush bath in my time and enjoyed many of them too, however one Lush bath that I didn’t enjoy quite so much was a couple of weeks ago whilst using the big blue (mini) ballistic. I actually won this ballistic but I have actually still got a normal sized one that I bought shortly after receiving this one – I’m just not looking forward to it so much now.

I’d never bothered with the big blue until I won this one and was really very pleasantly surprised by the smell of it, I’d always been drawn to the sweeter scents, and bubble bars like Bathos (RIP my violetty goodness) so without knowing what to expect, I chucked the ballistic into my bath.

It fizzed, a great start... I could smell the scent of it only very faintly which was my first disappointment; I’d heard the smaller ballistics weren’t as scented but frankly this took the p*ss, the scent was gone completely within a matter of maybe 2 or 3 minutes and was nowhere to be seen (well smelt) on my skin. Not good at all, and if I’d bought this it would have been a total waste of my money!

My next bad experienced happened after a couple of minutes when the ballistic had fizzed away a little and loads of bits of seaweed started floating around my bath – I found it pretty unnecessary to be honest, I was tempted to empty the bath and start again, but realised how long that would have taken to do (especially after washing away all the crappy little bits from the bath) and what a waste of hot water it would be (surely against the Lush ethos).

What made things even worse was that our shower was (and still is) waiting to be connected when we finish tiling the bathroom so I was left with bits of seaweed in my hair that I spent an age trying to rinse out, and also these little bits of sea fodder don’t discriminate which parts of the body they get stuck to so I definitely feel that the Lush Forum term of ‘KNICKER WASPS’ was applicable here (sorry to be blunt).

I’ve read that putting these kinds of ballistics into an old pair of tights helps with such knicker wasps, but to be honest I’d rather not have to bother with them at all. I know other ballistics have these kinds of things in but they can look pretty and are usually easily grabbed out of the bath (from experience) - but these things don’t look at all pretty AND are very slimy, and thus slip out of your grasp before you can evict them from your bath.

This was my worst bath in a long time.

Have you ever had these issues with any ballistic? Would it put you off?


  1. That doesn't sound good at all. I've never had a problem with the bombs, but I know what you mean about the little bits that hang around. Sometimes they're cute but other times if they don't wash away easily they're annoying and get me in trouble with my housemates. Won't be getting this one!


  2. I don't buy the bath bombs for the sheer reason they come with dead bits in... I hate them with a passion. I've had bombs from lush given to me as presents and Ive used them... to the horror of finding out Im sharing my tub with slimy brown lumps of stuff.

    Plus they don't last, the fizz and are gone and I'm left sitting in plain water, which makes me itch. :(

    Not a fan.

  3. Miss LBQ - I can put up with cute ones, mostly - apart from the plastic-y stars in Twinkle that hurt your bottom if you sit on one of their points lol. x

    SultryRed - I am tempted to mainly stick to the bubble bars now, they seem better value for money for the most part too! x

  4. I was surprised to read you did not like this, because I absolutely LOVE the Big Blue - my favourite bath bomb in the world! I've never had the problem with the seaweed - I kinda like it! And as far as the smell lasting a long time and being very smelly, you don't get that problem with the full sized ones - I've used so many of them!

  5. Rachel - I had put the lack of scent down to it being a smaller one, but I've had an Avobath smaller ballistic that seemed to have a little more scent. I don't actually buy the small ones, would rather pay more and get a decent bath out of it, plus costs more than a full sized one to buy 2 small ones - which you'd generally need lol! x


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