Friday, March 11, 2011

Bourjois Round Little Pots - 07, 13 and 74 Swatched!

In the past I’ve always found Bourjois eye shadows to be a little bit too hard which made them appear to be less pigmented than other shadows I used, and as a result I found them hard to work with so they drifted to the bottom of my makeup bag; I always loved the colours in the Bourjois range so it was always a shame that I could never get them to perform for me.

I learned a while ago that they’d had a bit of a revamp and was sent these to try out, and I’ve been very impressed. When used dry the shadows are much easier to use with the new formulation, but as they are still baked shadows, they really come into their own when wet – as you will see in the photo’s (the top row are wet, the bottom are dry).

I’ve swatched the 6 shades that I was sent, but will be doing 3 only in this post and the other 3 in a separate post so as not to make such a picture heavy post. The first shades up are (from left to right):

Shade 07 – A gorgeous, metallic-like black/green duochrome. I think this has such a huge transformation when used wet, it's beautiful, I love it.

Shade 13 – A glittering, glistening prune shade. It did have some fall out, which is to be expected really with it being glittery but I loved it all the same.

Shade 74 – A fabulous brown that is almost metallic when used wet – I love this so much.

Wet (gorgeous, just look at that first shade especially):


I’ve used water only for the wet swatches, I think saline solution or MAC Fix+ (or similar) are much better options, but I wanted to use the bare minimum with these so that the products stood out on their own merit, which is why I applied with the supplied applicators too.

No Flash:

Edited to add this other photo, with flash that I forgot the first time - I wouldn't usually bother but I think this shows the shadows quite well:

Talking of the applicators, they’re not great... they're not the worst I've used but they’re just too small; I understand this is to fit them in the pot but they’re way too fiddly. They may not be that bad if they were a bit bigger, but then they wouldn’t fit in the pots then so I guess there’s no other option for Bourjois to include an applicator.

All in all I really love these new shadows, I really think that Bourjois have made a positive change with these and can’t wait to get more of the shades into my collection.


  1. It's amazing how different the colours are when they're swatched wet. I'm in love with Shade 07, it's absolutely gorgeous!

  2. It really is such a difference, I can never believe how dramatic the change is... especially as it's the same amount of swipes on each swatch!

    Shade 07 is beautiful, even better in real life. x


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