Friday, March 4, 2011

FrontCover Custom Palettes

Love FrontCover shadows but can’t spare a whole load of space in your bag or suitcase to take them away from home with you? Yep, I’ve had that issue too – luckily the lovely people at FrontCover have come up with a solution! Their little compact palettes, as used in their popular FrontCover To Go gift (Christmas last year) are now available to buy separately, along with individual shades to pop into it however you fancy!

You can fit 4 shadows in each compact, and what’s more is that they have a fabulous offer that allows you to buy 4 shadows and a palette for just £15 (usual price £5 for the compact and £4 for each shadow), saving you £6.
You may recognise the shades as I think some, if not all of them have been included in other FrontCover sets before but have obviously been made a lot more portable now, which in my opinion is probably one of the best things the brand could do as I know plenty of people who had to leave their huge front cover boxes behind when going on holiday because they were just too big to take with them.

Another reason why I think this is such a good idea is because you can choose your own colours which means you’ll always have a palette of colours that you love because you chose them, no more unused shades going to waste because you don’t like them/they don’t suit you etc etc!

This range is meant to be available from March 9th, instore and at

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