Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Models Own 'Smash Ups' Crackle Style Polishes!

Never let it be said that Models Own rest on their laurels, especially when they team up with WAH Nails to create extra special products for us! I received an email today that excited me very much, and will hopefully have the same effect on you guys too... especially if you’re a fan of the increasingly popular crackle polishes.

Models Own & WAH Nails have created ‘Smash Ups’ – crackle colours in a selection of vivid colours that look perfect for the summer. Now I know crackle-style polishes are popping up everywhere and now in different colours too (think China Glaze/OPI etc), but a lot of these Models Own shades look so bright that I do think they are still quite unique, even with the fair amount of colours already available.
I love the bright, vibrant hues and really can’t wait to get my hands on these to try them out – what do you think of them? Are any catching your eye?

Available from April, priced rather competitively at £6 with selected shades available at Boots, and of course available at


  1. Pink and Silver please! So excited about these as i'm loving the shatter trend and i was thinking of getting some of the China Glaze ones shipped from USA - now I just have to have some patience!

  2. great news. i only have the barry m black. Glad to see more colours are going to be available:)

  3. I've got one of these in silver, but I'll admit - they're not as good as the Barry M ones in my opinion, as there's not that much space in the "cracks" between the bits, so you can't actually tell very well what the base colour is :(


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