Sunday, March 20, 2011

Slightly Speechless Sunday - Rose McGowan!

I came across this image of Rose McGowan yesterday and instantly thought she looked stunning in it - glamorous but effortlessly so. Her lipstick is stunning, I now need to find out what it is – or at least find something similar as I lurrrve it; and her eye make-up just works so perfectly with it.

Her skin looks amazing and glow-y, but still natural... like it’s had little to no touching up which is refreshing to see as she’s so beautiful without the need for it. I also adore her blush; it gives her the perfect flush of colour for her skin tone. Lush.

What do you think? Is it a look you’d go for?


  1. Great makeup look indeed. Only you can tell that she had some things done to her face. Thats a shame.

  2. She's beautiful, isn't she... I really want that lipstick but I fear it won't look anywhere near as amazing on me as I don't look anywhere near as amazing as she does haha! x


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