Monday, March 14, 2011

Max Factor Colour Precision Eyeshadow In Golden Green!

I bought this on a whim when in Tesco last week, I just liked the colour and didn’t really think about it any further than that; so I’ve now had a chance to mess around with it and test it out and I’m not entirely happy with it which serves me right for not looking for a tester of it, I guess.

I love the colour, obviously as it’s the one and only thing that my purchase was based on. The name of the shade ‘Golden Green’ is a perfect (if not slightly uninspiring) name for the colour as it really is an almost perfect mix of gold and green with a slight metallic-ness to it.

Unfortunately this is where the praise stops as this product is pretty pants when it comes to:

Staying power – I’m pretty gutted that the product is let down massively by its lack of staying power - especially when worn without a primer. Now, I usually use a primer anyway - which does help with the products’ staying power, but that’s not really the point as I don’t think a product should NEED to rely on another product, such as a primer in order for it to stay on the lids (or wherever) whilst still looking good for more than an hour at a time. Just as a side note, my eyelids aren't even that oily and I don't usually have this kind of issue, so god knows how bad it would be if they were!

Application - Another gripe I have is with this is its applicator and application, I kind of expected/assumed (wrongly) that with the word ‘Precision’ in the title of the shadow that this would have a decent applicator that allowed for a precise application of the product; and whilst I’m not entirely sure if this is actually referring to the applicator or not, there’s no getting away from how badly it applies when using the applicator included.

I didn’t find it very precise at all to be honest, I mean the applicator isn’t completely oversized but it is probably a bit chunkier than necessary in my opinion. It’s also quite soft and spongy which makes the product kind of splurge onto your skin, and it’s actually quite patchy too - as you may be able to see in some of the pictures. There doesn’t seem to be a way of applying the product easily, so that you get a good finish. I’ve swatched both a large area and also just swiping the shadow in a line so you can see both results of applying in different ways.

I really wanted to love this as the colour is beautiful, and whilst it seems a shame to waste it, I think this one may have to be given to my nieces to play with – unless anybody knows of a decent way to use it?

I have re-learned my lesson (thankfully not an expensive one); never impulse buy without at least looking properly at the product and swatching if possible.


  1. Thats so weird im wearing a mixture of mac woodwinked and a mac green that i forget the name of its kind of an olive toned colour its a combo i havent really used the gold/green but it looks pretty good! :) I have so many shadows that i have just picked up impulsively and never worn :/ lesson learned,i tend to spend mre time swatching nowadays :)

  2. I might have to look into trying that combination as I do love the colour, so MAC may hold the answer to getting the colour with the longer wear. x

  3. I bought the pearl beige color, and its lasting power is pretty amazing! i think you can try to just dab the product on your eyelids and QUICKLY use your fingers to blend it? i hate that applicator too :/ but that's how i use it haha. I love these cream eyeshadows <3 i think i might get more colors soon haha :)
    - ching962


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