Friday, March 18, 2011

Sally Hansen Kwik Off Nail Polish Remover!

I bought this from eBay recently as I saw on Makeup Savvy that it was good for removing glitter polish quickly and easily – something I really felt could benefit me as a bit of a glitter polish lover. I’m a fan of sponge dip-in removers anyway and usually use a fairly cheap one from a shop locally to me so I was already familiar with the use of such a product. This Sally Hansen remover will probably set you back around £4 but you get a lot of product for your money.

My first thought on this polish remove is that the sponge is very soft, a lot softer than the sponge I’m used to, and whilst this feels lovely on the skin it does disintegrate a lot quicker. It’s not such an issue for a lot of the time as you can use different parts of the sponge and also turn it over to use the underside if necessary. It’s also white, which means it discolours very quickly, but then that’s also not a huge issue as it’s not a purchase to be looked at and adored!

The polish remover itself works a treat on most of the polishes I’ve removed with it, glitters are a lot easier and quicker to remove - although still obviously need a little more effort than crèmes etc.

The variation I’ve got leaves a lemon scent on my fingers after use which is nice but my cat doesn’t like it at all... it makes her eyes squinty, poor (cute) thing. I recommend using a decent moisturiser on your hands and cuticles after using this as it is rather drying, not enough to stop me using it though.

Overall it’s a decent product, not without its flaws and there’s definitely a bit of room for improvement but still definitely worth purchasing in my opinion.


  1. I am about to do an update post on this product having aerady reviewed once. Moisturiser helped my skin but this stuff has destroyed my nails. Never ever again.

  2. Like Charlie says, I've been using a similar product to this from Superdrug and it made my nails terrible. They were peeling and so brittle. I've stopped using it now and found a really good Sally Hansen bottle remover for dry brittle nails which along with Nail Envy, my nails are better again.

  3. Charlie - Eek that's not good, mine haven't shown any signs of this but I'll definitely keep my eye on it as I use it, and update of course if I experience anything like that myself. x

    Jen - I've used sponge dip-type removers from different brands for a long time and never had any problem. I can't imagine that any problem like this would be because of the sponge? I'd have thought that it would possibly be from the harshness of the polish remover itself? I could be wrong, but that would make more sense to me. x


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