Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte, Shade 112 - Spellbinding Violet!

The last time I wore such a deep and dark lipstick was probably in my teen years, I’m thinking it could have been Black Cherry by Rimmel and looking back, it was all so (SO) wrong, which is why I was a little worried when I received this particular shade from the YSL autumn 2011 collection.

I really thought it might be too dark and too harsh for me, but actually I’m rather pleasantly surprised as it’s much more wearable than I first imagined, and versatile too as you can dab it on as a stain to give an even sheerer finish! I actually love the colour and that it has flecks of magenta sparkle running through it that add dimension and depth to it, I actually think it would make a fabulous nail polish! Apologies for the lip swatch photographs, they aren’t the best, I took them on a day whilst I was poorly, my lips were dry and my skin was drained of colour too!

 No flash!

Mr Beauty Scoop would disagree with my sentiments about the shade of this lipstick (his actual words were ‘sh!@ty horrible dark lipstick’), but then he’s a bit of a bore where my make-up is concerned, he doesn’t like anything too bright, colourful or dark (so it seems now)... but truth be told, I don’t listen to him all that much where these things are concerned – ha!

The lipstick wears well, just like you’d expect a Rouge Volupté to (even with their glossy finish) and actually survived me drinking from a glass (no straw) and eating a sandwich – it was a little sheerer afterwards, but there was definitely plenty of colour left on my lips. I really do think you get what you pay for with these!
After Eating!

I have a penchant for luxury brands, I make no secret of this fact and Yves Saint Laurent lipsticks in particular really satisfy my need for such luxuries – especially with their gorgeous gold casings! Aren’t they lovely?!

What do you think of this shade, is it something you’d wear, or is it too scary for you?


  1. I love Rouge Voluptes but think this colour is really a bit too dark for me.

  2. I must say its a pretty scary shade but it actually looks lovely on. Lovely the pigmentation of it too. hmm.. may have to check out YSL lippies and other colours ;)



  3. Lucy - I have emailed you regarding the competition for BINTM Live lovely. The lipstick is a dark shade, but I have been honestly very surprised by how well it worked overall. I like to wear it as a stain now, so very lightly - mostly, anyway! x

    Sadie - It's a beautiful lipstick, not something I'd have found myself picking out but I'm glad I have it now. x

  4. It's a lovely shade! I have such a small mouth though I can't possibly pull it off x x

  5. It looks gorgeous! Sadly, I don't think I'd wear it out of the house!

  6. Sian - my lips aren't massive, so I was shocked that it worked even half as well as it did haha. x

    Kat - Understandable, it is still a brave shade for most. x


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